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Having the latest generation equipments, like: piezotome, microscope, inhalation sedation machine, dental laser, digital radiology and the expertise of doctors that enthusiastic, dynamic and continuously perfecting themselves, we are certain that we can provide a full range of dental services at the highest level.



By administering the patient a combination of oxigen and nitrous oxide we can completely eliminate the state of FEAR and ANXIETY that patients have before dental procedures.
An important fact: the nitrous oxide will not exceed more than 70% of the concoction.
Sedation is a treatment given by the doctor to the patients in order for them to feel more relaxed.



It is an indispensable tool in endodontics.
The microscope is what makes the difference between saving and extracting the tooth.

There are 4 major advantages when using the microscope:

  •  Accuracy: significantly enhanced vision

  • Safety: assured quality of the treatment

  • Double comfort: ideal ergonomics of the medical activity

  • Saving time and money: avoiding re-treatments.



It is a ultrasound device built for hard tissue surgery. It is used in interventions like pre-implant sinus lifts and split crest.



The newest dental radiology system from Vatech Samsung ! Pax-I and ESX Series with EZsensor.

Advantages of digital dental radiology: a reduction of 90% of the radiation dose compared to classic radiology.



The whitening lamp provides a cold light that does not affect dental structures, including the enamel.
The whitening effects are spectacular, with lightening in average of 8 shades of white, up to even 14 shades, all in maximum three 10-minute appointments.
Remarkable results are attained in teeth stained due to smoking or the consumption of very colorful substances, like tea, coffee or red wine.
Results are reported even in the case of teeth stained by tetracycline or fluorosis stains.

Technical characteristics of the Beyond Accelerator Whitening Lamp:

  • It uses the most advanced lighting filtration system, providing the patient with safety and comfort;

  • The ultraviolet light and the heat are filtered through an optic lens, protected by over 12 000 optic fibers;

  • The halogen lamp has a power of 150 Watt, and the emitted blue light (cold light) has a wave length of 480-520 nanometers, thus attaining spectacular results is a short amount of time;

  • It acts at a lower temperature than the lamps in its category, thus lowering the risk of teeth sensitivity.