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ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY greets its patients with promotional offers that are meant to stimulate a good health state and an impeccable oral hygiene, no matter the patients’ age or social environment. Oral and maxillofacial diseases can affect the quality of life and be the cause of some serious complications. These are the reasons why we have created a complex package of financially accessible special offers that cover the whole dental and maxillofacial pathology.


Scaling/arcade + professional brushing 150 lei
Air-flow 100 lei
Fluoridation/arcade 200 lei
Sealing of the dental depressions and grooves 100 lei
Mouthguard for bruxism 400 lei


Beyond™ professional whitening 1500 lei
LUMINEERS® veneers 1700 lei
Zirconia veneers 1500 lei
Ceramic veneers 1500 lei

Inhalosedare și Anestezie

Inhalosedare 30 min
Inhalosedare 60 min
Inhalosedare > 60 min
Anestezie locală 


Front group physiognomic obturation 250 lei
Side physiognomic obturation 200 lei
MOD obturation 400 lei


Pulpectomy + monoradicular canal treatment 300 lei
Pulpectomy + pluriradicular canal treatment 400 lei
Calming dressing 100 lei
Devitalized dressing 100 lei
Monoradicular pulpectomy 200 lei
Pluriradicular pulpectomy 450 lei
MTA perforations treatment 200 lei
Complete endodontic treatment with monoradicular rotary system 300 lei
Complete endodontic treatment with biradicular rotary system 400 lei
Complete endodontic treatment with pluriradicular rotary system 650 lei
Microscopic endodontic treatment with monoradicular rotary system 400 lei
Microscopic endodontic treatment with biradicular rotary system 600 lei
Microscopic endodontic treatment with pluriradicular rotary system 900 lei
Monoradicular gangrene treatment 200 lei
Pluriradicular gangrene treatment 300 lei
Periapical process treatment 150 lei/session


Ablation crown 100 lei
Temporary scutan crown 150 lei
Metal-ceramic crown 670 lei
Ceramic crown 1500 lei
Zirconia ceramic crown 1500 lei
Crown-root reconstitution fiberglass pivot 300 lei
Complete acrylic prosthesis 1500 lei
Partial prosthesis 1500 lei
Skeletal prosthesis (from) 2000 lei
Zirconia crown on abutment implant 1,500 lei
Metal-ceramic crown on abutment implant 1000 lei
Inlay (ceramic inlay) 1000 lei
Onlay (ceramic inlay) 1000 lei
Ceramic crown 1500 lei
Cleaning of the implant prosthesis 200 lei/arcade


Bovine bone additives 0.5cc 900 lei
A-PRF I-PRF membrane (pallet rich fibrin) 600 lei
External Sinus Lift € 1000 + biomaterials
Split Bone (crest) € 500 + biomaterials
MEGAGEN ™ Implant 700 €
IMPLANTIUM Implant 600 €


Temporary tooth extraction 100 lei
Monoradicular permanent tooth extraction 150 lei
Pluriradicular permanent tooth extraction 200-250 lei
Wisdom tooth extraction 600 lei
Odontectomy 600 lei
Gingival curettage + treatment/tooth 200 lei
Incision/abscess drainage 150 lei
Front apicectomy 450 lei
Premolar apicectomy 500 lei
Molar apicectomy 600 lei
Gingivectomy/gingivoplasty 450 lei
Oro-antral communication closure 150 lei
Pre-molarization 200 lei
Cystectomy 450 lei
Root curettage/tooth 100 lei
Abscess incision + abscess drainage 150 lei


Monoradicular 100 lei
Pluriradicular 150 lei
Surgical Discovery 250 lei/tooth
Ridge/arcade regularization 200 lei
Frenectomy/plasty 150 lei
Bracket plasty 150 lei
Vestibuloplasty/arcade 150-200 lei


Partial sinus cure 450 lei
Abscess incision + abscess drainage 150 lei
Endosinusal foreign body extraction 450 lei
Endosinusal cyst extirpation 600 lei


Epulis extraction, benign tumor formation in the oral cavity 300 lei
Oral cavity lesion biopsy 200 lei


Pigment nerve excision 200-300 lei
Skin tumor formation excision: Sebaceous cyst, Lipoma, Fibroma 400-500 lei


Retroalveolar RX 25 lei
Panoramic RX 60 lei
Bitewing RX 60 lei
TMJ RX 60 lei
Sinus RX 60 lei


Closed field curettage 150 lei/tooth
Flap surgery and curettage in the open 250 lei/tooth
Flap surgery, curettage, application of Maxgraft addition material (human bone) and pericardial membrane 450 lei/tooth
Flap surgery, curettage in the open, application of Emdogain/Prefgel 450 lei/tooth
Periodontal arch cure 2000–2500 lei
Periodontal plastic surgery (graft tissue modeling, GTR) 1,200-2,500 lei
Periodontal cement application 150 lei
Drug treatment of periodontitis with Periochip (periodontal matrix) 1000 lei
Drug treatment of periodontitis with Pericare 1300 lei